Healthcare Pathways – 3/25/22 HOSA – 2022 Georgia SLC

The 2022 Georgia HOSA SLC was a sight to be seen. Starting with competitions on the very first day of arrival, it wasn’t only fun, but also a competitive event. Students competed in all different kinds of areas, varying from Medical Law and Ethics to Extemporaneous Writing to Medical Innovations. The Opening Ceremony itself started with a huge bang as students from all over Georgia, including middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students walked the red carpet while representing their schools. There were also various workshops for students as they gained valuable information regarding colleges and signed up for summer internships and the like. Then came the Recognition Ceremony, which took place on the second night, and many IA students received recognition during this time. One of our own even got elected as the State Vice President of Innovation! Later that night, a series of events varying from a silent disco to a karaoke party was held for the entertainment of students. The next morning, which was also the last, the Award Ceremony was held where many of our students became finalists, and one even ended up winning a place at the International Conference. Overall, the entire conference was a blast, we hope to have this much if not more fun at ILC! 

  • Krishna Chaugule 
  • Awards, Rankings, and Recognition: 

DJ Bassett Vice president of Innovation Academy 

2nd largest chapter in state 

  • Nyneishia Janarthanan sang the National Anthem at opening ceremony 
  • Barbara James Service award winners

Dhanvin Yajaman            Silver 

Mateo Torrejon               Silver 

Sathvik Mutoopuri           Bronze 

Joshua Panuganti            Bronze 

Srinidhi Moram,               Bronze 

Chloe Lee                          Bronze 

Jin Han                              Bronze 

Lakshana Ramanan,         Bronze 

Hanna Zhu                        Bronze 

Dharshini Kannan           Bronze 


Yekaterina Kochengina Biomedical lab science 7th 
Lucas Ardelean & Brooke Staples CERT , community emergency 6th 
Sydney Clark Clinical nursing 5th 
Timi Akinyele Dental Science 5th 
Charvi Mahendra Dental  Science 6th 
DJ Bassett and Matt Serfontein EMT 7th 
Prisha Shaw, Vanshika Singh Forensic 8th 
Winnie Alford & Marissa Mahan Health Career Display 9th 
Megan Roka Human growth & development 8th 
Sathvik Mutoopuri, Josh Panuganti, Mateo Torrejon, Dhanvin Yajaman Medical Innovation 8th 
Lillian Yan Medical law & ethics 4th 
Christopher Lee Medical Math 8th 
Anna Parthiban Medical Spelling 8th 
Anika Chugh, Nathan Xhemali, King Shi, Dileep Kotireddy, Dhanvin Yajaman MRC , Medical response Corp 6th 
Dharshini Kannan, Cynthia Kasiviswanathan, Chloe Lee,  Saanvi Prasad, Ridah Rahman, Ashna Rethna PSA, Public service announcement 6th 
Samira Peek National Healthcare exam 1st 

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