Earth Day Clean-Up – Friday – April 15th

Earth day Practice Field Clean -Up – Donations Needed

Practice field clean-up and beautification project: Friday, April 15th and Friday April 22nd (Earth Day!) — lots of trash clean-up, prepping and painting dugouts, light fence repair
Do you have any of the following to donate or let us borrow?
– Any leftover outdoor paint you might have in the garage or shed
– Paintbrushes
– Dropcloths (or old sheets)
– Paint rollers
– Paint trays
– Cases/packs of water bottles
– Heavy-duty trash bags
Borrow (please label anything you want returned!):
– Work gloves
– Eye protection (Science?)
– Shovels and metal rakes
– Wheelbarrows
You! We’re working 9AM-4PM on 4/15 and 4/22, with a lunch break; you’re welcome to come to the 900-1130 session, the 130-400

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