Student Spotlight – Jyotil Agarwal

Sophomore Jyotil Agarwal is extraordinarily passionate about the robotics pathway and has come to enjoy it immensely. His primary purpose is to learn new skills while working with a team, as it allows him to share his passion with those around him. He is proud of his work at the Robotics competition and thought it was a valuable learning experience. According to him, the best part was seeing his team’s robot come to life and seeing their hard work in action. He was especially glad as he was able to collaborate with and help other teams too, as this was an amazing exchange of knowledge and skills rather than working alone. In the future, he aspires to be an empathic engineer who works alongside his peers to make the world a better place. He is immensely grateful for Mr. Reid and Mr. Huntley as they are amazingly supportive too! 

Krishna Chaugule. 

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