Engineering Update – 4/15/2022

Robotics state finals was a roller coaster of events. The road trip down was paired with lots of rain and we hoped that by the time we arrived in Macon the rain would cease. This was not the case. A tornado watch and a flood warning were in place by the time we unloaded the robot. Using trash bags to protect the robot, Arena and Pit Design departments unloaded our prize possessions. The next day, as we prepared to pass inspection, we discovered that we did not have the bumpers and warning light for the robot. These are vital pieces to pass inspection. After slight panic, we were comforted by all those that were willing to drive to school and collect the forgotten pieces to the robot and bring them to Macon. Ultimately it was Mrs. Reid that saved the day and the team was able to compete that afternoon! Our team has been working since January 8th and continued to put our best effort into the competition. We even tried to speed up our climb sequence by switching to a 71:1 gear ratio! After burning up the motor we knew that we should switch back to a 188:1 in order to lift our ~150 lbs. robot. The competition had its’ ups and down and the coaches are so proud of the team and their incredible results in their rookie season. We finished 24th in the state and we look forward to grow even more next year. When we weren’t competing, our students were able to tour the Mercer engineering facility and engage with students and professors. Having professors and college students testify that becoming proficient in CAD software was a reassuring and validating data point for our young engineers. But this account would be incomplete with the most cherished moment – hearing the inspiring speeches from the captains was a night we will never forget. These students are growing up so quickly and we are so proud of the young adults they are becoming. Thank you again to our support group- those that have donated materials, funds, time, food… thank you. 😊

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