IA student at Culture and Service in the Dominican Republic

by Adriana Adkins

This group of students thoroughly enjoyed the “Culture and Service in the Dominican Republic” tour. After a hiccup in our travel plans because, of mother nature  we end up with an extra stop in the country of Panama that allow us to see Panama city. Then we got to Dominican republic were the variety of activities was great, so that each participant had something that they really could enjoy and connect with. We learned a lot about Dominican Culture, got a chance to connect with locals, and did meaningful service throughout the tour. The food was excellent and we were always well fed. Our Tour Director was experienced, professional, and an amazing resource. I would definitely recommend this trip to others who want to learn about a new culture, speak Spanish, and do meaningful service work to give back in a global context.

IA students demonstrated to be citizens of the world and represent who they are very well. They got invited to come back when they turn eighteen to help with their school program.

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