From AP to Principal: Meet Mr. Kent

Having known and recognized his passion since the 7th grade, Mr. Kent has always been passionate about teaching and the path it would take him on. Having started as an English Teacher, he substituted as a Department Chair and found yet another passion to lead. About five years into teaching English, Mr. Kent wanted an app that functioned the same way google classroom functions today, so, using the help of a sophomore at his school, he learned to code and created an app called CSH hub. Later on, he led a crowdsourcing fundraiser and helped develop an open learning environment for the school. He also helped other schools in the district, which is how he discovered and joined the team for designing Innovation Academy. Now that he is on his way to becoming the principal of our beloved school, he hopes to see students invested in their own education and refine the process of making sure that each student has an active voice. His vision for the school is one where the students take charge of their education, clubs, projects, and the various other categories that IA offers, which will ensure that they become future leaders with good character and responsibility when they enter the world.  

  • Krishna Chaugule 

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