Teaching is a very complicated profession, and for Ms. Velazquez, it has always been something that she wanted to do. Her goal was to work with adolescents to help them be stronger critical thinkers in the real world. Having taught as a high school teacher for ten years, eight of those at Alpharetta High School, she is certainly a great and experienced teacher. When Ms. Velazquez first heard about Innovation Academy, it was IA’s amazing building and facilities that caught her eye. After researching our beloved school, she discovered that IA’s mission and educational goals aligned well with her personal teaching philosophy, which made her want to be a part of the community. As for her most memorable teaching experiences, she has many memories from the past ten years of being a high school teacher where she got to see the look on student’s faces when they finally understood a difficult concept or earn a good score on an essay that they had worked very hard on. For her, seeing students learn has been the most rewarding experience. We are very excited to get to know Ms. Velazquez over the following year and make her a part of IA.  

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