Happy Friday,

I hope all our students had a productive virtual day. I know our teachers had a very productive planning day.

We’ve sent you information about the Code of Conduct to ensure all our parents know the rules for behavior that are laid out by the district.

That serves as a good segue to talk for a moment about student behavior.

While our students have demonstrated by and large that they are mature young adults who are working hard to do what is right in and out of school, it’s important to have frequent reminders about what our expectations are when behavior starts to slip a bit. I want to be clear, that our students are amazing, and we don’t see many problems with them at all. However, we have noticed a few behaviors we would ask you to reinforce at home.

  1. Respect the building and the learning environment:
    1. Students are starting to forget to clean up after themselves in the hallways and the hangar. Please remind them that Mr. Cribbs and his custodial team have a lot of responsibilities, and we want to make sure they can focus on their jobs.
    2. I think the weather changing has given students a boost of energy! We are providing students access to the fitness center three days a week, and letting them go outside to the stadium on Wednesdays, so we are trying to give them good outlets for their exuberance, but we are still finding too many students running in the halls during class time and causing disruptions. Please reinforce with them that the independence we give them is based on our ability to trust them to behave well.
    3. We always address these issues with students directly when we see any behavioral issues, but the two above are moving targets, so it would help if we can remind all students.

I also wanted to mention that the PSAT will be coming up on October 25, and we know our students will perform well, but I’d also like for you to mention to them that the PSAT does matter. It is used for targeted college engagement, and it is used to determine National Merit Scholars. Students also see this as a practice test, so they don’t always take it seriously. Please remind them that it does matter.

Thank you for all your continued support.

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