Hello IA families,


Another week down. EOPA testing is over, and we are finishing up our End of Course Assessments. AP start next week.

Please keep reminding your students that they are more than the tests they take. We are proud of their hard work, and I am confident our test scores will reflect their efforts, but no test is worth a student’s well-being.

PTSO Update:

I’d like to take a quick moment to thank our PTSO for all the work they have done this year. I had the opportunity to present to the general meeting this week, and I am always impressed with all of the support they provide. If you haven’t yet, please consider joining PTSO. They are a huge help for the school. I have attached my update presentation below.

Flex Fridays:

I wanted to spend a minute talking about our Flex Fridays. These flex Fridays have been incredible. Students have had opportunities to help with their communities, explore career options with business partners, and see that learning can happen outside the classroom walls. We have a group of teachers working on further revising the Flex Fridays to better support our students as we bring on another class, and our inaugural class starts their senior year.

These days will remain focused on authentic and deep-learning opportunities for our students closely aligned with their pathways, but they will also continue to have time set aside for student support and community engagement.

When you have a moment, please discuss with your students their experiences on Flex Fridays and complete this very short form to give us insight into our student and parent perspectives on these days.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Scott Kent

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