The IT students are all finishing up their semester projects this week.  When I stop to reflect upon the progress the students have made since August, I am continually impressed with the growth and dedication of our students.

The GT Block classes have been working on a quiz app using JavaScript and have learned to code an Arduino to control elements of their greenhouse. 

The AP Computer Science Principles students are completing an AP level semester project in Python.  Students designed and coded a Python program that uses input, output, variables, lists, functions, conditionals, and loops.  In addition, they selected a cross curricular topic.  We had programs that could generate musical scales, determine ionic and covalent bonds from their chemistry class, simulate a scientific calculator, dive into a historical time period in adventure games or simulate a pizza ordering program that calculates the cost, tax, delivery charges and tip associated with a pizza order.  Once the programs were complete, students are writing descriptions and explanations of their code to meet the college board requirements.

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