Engineering 1 (Gt Block) – Classes are diving into a brand-new project! These projects are centered around strengthening the skills learnt first semester with a new application. Let’s reinforce that foundation!

Engineering 2 – Classes are advancing their skills in CAD and learning how to do assemblies and animations. Some Engineering 2 students have also applied their CAD skills into projects for other classes!

AVFT – Special visual effects and sound creation are being emphasized as students learn to refine their use of technology.

Robotics – Coach Huntley and Coach Reid are so proud of all the hard work! Today was a big day. Academic Support thank you for handling the grade check. Accounting thank you for prepping all the requests through Forms. Analyst thanks for the huge .ppt and research. Arena thanks for all of progress on the hangar. Attorney thank you for keeping us legal. Bumpers thank you for researching brackets. CAD great job on the 3D printed simulated torso. Chassis finished the first frame! Climb we believe in you, keep working hard! Code congrats on being able to successful connect to the RoboRio! Drive Team thanks for helping other departments. Electrical and Pneumatics are making a ton of progress on the demo board! Finance… thank you Finance! Grant application is going well! Graphic Design – tomorrow we will submit t-shirts! HR thank you for tracking the paperwork. Intake/Elevator/Projectiles good job starting the prototypes. I look forward to seeing the first ball take flight. Medics thank you for handling our first need for a Band-Aid. Pit Design thank you for helping arena. PR thanks for brainstorming future community outreach events. Transmission thank you for kicking it into gear today (pun intended) and prepping gear boxes.

Coaches are proud of you 🙂

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