Riley Johnson Visits Titans of CNC

Titans of CNC: Empowering the Future of American Manufacturing 

By [Simran Ahuja] 

Dallas, Texas – Titans of CNC, a manufacturing company based in Dallas, Texas, is making waves in the world of machining and manufacturing.  

During Spring Break, IA student Riley Johnson embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Titans of CNC. Having followed their videos for quite some time, he was thrilled to witness their operations firsthand.  

Titans of CNC’s mission extends beyond machines. They have a robust outreach program aimed at teaching the younger generation about machining and manufacturing. By fostering skills and knowledge, they contribute to the growth of American manufacturing. 

At the heart of Titans of CNC lies CNC machining – computer numeric control machining. This automated process allows for precise cuts and builds. Imagine intricate designs coming to life with unparalleled accuracy.  

Among the impressive machines Riley encountered, the CP 6000 stood out. Manufactured by Heller, this 5-axis milling-turning machine is colossal. Its capabilities extend beyond traditional machining, enabling complex geometries and efficient production. 

We would like to thank Kylie Granno, head of strategic partnerships at Titans of CNC, for making this happen, and Riley Johnson for sharing his experience with us. Check out Titans of CNC at

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