Pathway – Information Technology

AP Computer Science Principles

Bootcamp for AP Computer Science Principles

We have a few weeks until our APCSP students start on their college board project.  To maximize our instructional time, students were given a choice of a Coding Bootcamp or a Project Bootcamp.  The Coding Bootcamp is designed to review the basics of the Python language to clarify any misconceptions or provide extra practice so that each student is confident going into the college board project.  The Project Bootcamp option provides an opportunity for students to design a passion project and explore something that interests.  We have students who are taking the topic from their science class project and finding a way to incorporate a coding element.  Other students are learning new languages, like Java or SQL.  There are also a handful of students who are going head first in the cross-curricular world and are combining science, engineering and IT.  It is so exciting to see students making choices about what they need to learn and pushing themselves to get better.  

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