I’m sorry to surprise many of you this week with my retirement announcement, hopefully some of the shock is wearing off.  While I only got to work with you for one year, I had the opportunity to build the foundation of this school for 3 years and employ highly competent people to create and lead the vision of IA.  The school is in great shape and I’m confident that next year will be even better.  Together we created a climate and culture where students want to learn and  teachers want to teach.  Currently we have over 200 students on a waiting list for entry and every one of our full-time teachers signed their contract to return to IA.  Aside from that, our interviews for next year have been exceptional.  The PTSO, SGC, and the IA Foundation are not just established, but flourishing.

While it is very tough to leave this exceptional school, it is a tad easier because I know I have done my best to insure it is in good hands. 

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