Testing updates:
The End of Course test days for Biology and Algebra I are coming soon!  We will test Biology I (includes Honors and AP Bio) on Wednesday, April 27th during the school day. The Algebra I exam will be on Friday, April 29th. All students who are enrolled in these classes are required to take the exams. These exams will count as 20% of the final course grade. We know our students will be well prepared and we are excited for them to show what they know!
All students will be required to have their FCS issued device on the day of the exams, as the testing platform will be downloaded to their device. They will not be able to use their personal device, so it is critical that all students obtain a laptop, even if they have previously waived an FCS device. This must be done as soon as possible in order to ensure we have enough devices in our building. Devices can be checked out through our Exchange (Media Center). Parents, this cannot be stressed enough to ensure your student can take the exam with their classmates on the assigned day. In addition, if your student is having issues with their device (cracked screen, missing keys, etc.) please have them report to the Exchange for help. These are issues that we may not be able to address on the day of testing.
Brenda Campbell, Testing Coordinator

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