Leaving Early? Students must bring a note to the front office in the morning and receive a check out pass. The check out pass allows your child to leave classroom and exit the building. Phone calls and emails cannot be accepted. Student checkouts are discouraged after 3:30pm.

Running Late? Students who are late to school must check in with the front office. Students are given a pass to class.  

Missed a day/Out sick? Students must provide a note from their parent when they are out sick. Absence excuses may be sent to  

Leaving Early WITHOUT a note? If your student needs to leave early and did not bring a note from a parent, a parent MUST come in with ID to sign them out.  Not providing a note in the morning may cause a significant delay in check out.  

Planned absence? If you know you will be absent, stop by the Front Office and kindly ask for a Pre-Approved Absence Form. It needs to be filled out 5 days prior to the absence and returned to the Front Office completely filled out with a handwritten note explaining the reason for the absence.

Need to update your emergency contact information? Please contact Brooke Jarabek – 


-Please refer to for the detailed county policy. 

-Please send all attendance related matters to