Starting next Monday, students will not be allowed to enter the staff and teacher parking lot at the end of the day. While I applaud the ingenuity for those families looking to avoid the carpool line, the mix of cars, buses, students, and parents both entering and leaving the faculty parking lot is unsafe. We have had faculty members almost hit, several car accidents, and several verbal altercations between parents.

I will be at the parking lot reminding students of this next week to make sure everyone knows the new rule and will be sending them back into the building to exit in the rear. Please do not encourage students to break this rule, as it will lead to a discipline consequence.

I understand carpool is frustrating. It is at every school, but the afternoon carpool line only takes 15 minutes to clear. That is very quick, and I applaud our administrative team, who is in the back to help control the flow of traffic every day.

Thank you for understanding our desire to ensure our students are safe.

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