Robotics team 8866 has worked very hard this year and continued to battle hard this past weekend at their tournament in Dalton Georgia. The IA robot Bravo did sustain a few injuries, but the IA specialized departments were ready to spring into action and make the needed repairs between matches.

We won 2 awards this weekend: 2nd place from the tournament, and Best Machining / Fabrication.  

I believe the most important part of winning 2nd place is a direct correlation with our analyst/strategy department led by Audra Duncan. This department within our team created a 2 part app/ website to record data about all the other teams. Part 1 recorded data on approximately 13 variables about another robot. At the end of the report a qr code was generated that contains all embedded information. In part 2 we were able to import all the information students had gathered into a master .csv by scanning all the qr codes! We then used this information to extrapolate what the best partner robots would be.  Going into the tournament we were the #7 seed but we used this information to carefully pick a partner for the tournament. It is extremely rare that the #7 seed beats the #2 seed but this clip shows the biggest upset of the weekend.

The Machining and Fabrication Award was also a great accomplishment. Our students are learning a deep knowledge of 3D CAD software(Solidworks) and putting it into action. Our robot had many custom made (cnc plasma, cnc water jet, milled, and tig welded) components. Our fabrication department led by Matthew Findlay and Machining led by Logan Rush were instrumental to the creation of all these custom components.  

Shout out to:

Drive Team- thank you for being careful with the robot.

Pit – thank you for having such detailed organization of the trailer and everything arriving safely (and that custom battery cart!).

Public Relations – for taking the time to spread engineering and STEM with younger students.

Pneumatics – for helping another team when their robot broke during the competition.

All our amazing 9th and 10th grade engineers. Many 11th grade students were taking the SAT this weekend or completing interviews for summer programs that resulted in schedule conflicts. I am happy to report our team was carried by our young members as they rose to the challenge.

All the students and coaches (Mr. Reid, Mr. Denato, Mr. Huntley, Mr. Pawlowski) for the countless hours spent preparing for the competition!

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