IA Device Collection Information

Fulton County Schools will collect all FCS-issued devices this school year.

We will collect devices based on the following:

Students Not Presenting in Showcase

May 16th during Club Time

  • 10:34 – 11:19 : Last Names A – L
  • 11:24 – 12:09 : Last Names M – Z

Students Presenting in Showcase

May 19th after Showcase

  • 1:30 – 2:30 : Last Names A – L
  • 2:35 – 3:35 : Last Names M – Z

Students Needing to Make Up an Assignment

May 22nd – May 25th

Details of Device Collection

  • All students must return their school-issued device.
    • Students participating in summer school will receive a device from their summer school location.
  • Devices will be returned following Innovate for those participating in the project showcase.
  • If you need to make up an assignment the week of May 22nd, schedule a time with Mrs. Bongiorno for your return.
  • In line with instructions from the Fulton County Technology Department, fines for a missing charger, missing stylus, or damaged device will be assessed. If you know this applies to you, please pay through OSP ahead of time at https://bit.ly/IAfines.
    • Fines may be paid through OSP with an additional surcharge for using card or with exact cash payments as we do not have change.
    • Fulton County Device Fines are as follows:
      • Damaged Device: $100
      • Missing or damaged charger: $30
      • Missing or damaged stylus: $30
      • Missing Device: $250
  • If you are leaving for summer break prior to May 19th, you need to arrange a time with Mrs. Bongiorno.
  • Any devices not turned in by May 25th will be assessed as lost and a lost device fine will be placed on student accounts.

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