Hey IA Families,

I’m sad that Phoenix Fest got rained out last week, but I’m excited to see everyone who can make it out Monday.

What a great week at IA. Several of our students were able to attend a bill signing at the Governor’s Mansion on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we had ISS commander Terry Virts visit the campus. Thank you to our Student Library Advisory Board for putting that together. And on Friday, we had our first full stage production’s opening night. Our students did a great job bringing the musical Legally Blonde to life. The students were brilliant in front of a packed house! If you have time to come out to support these students, we’d love to see you at today’s matinee at 3 or our evening performance at 7. I’ll be back to see the final performance Sunday at 3.

We are hitting the testing season. I want to remind parents to talk to your students about the tests they are taking. Oftentimes our students put undue stress on themselves because they believe they need a certain grade to make you proud or to prove something to themselves. We always see an uptick in stress and anxiety during this time period, so please take some time to discuss your student’s internal dialogue around these tests. Obviously we want them to do well on the exams, but NOT at the expense of their well-being. Broaching the subject, so they know they can speak to you about their concerns or fears goes a long way to reduce their internal pressure.

End of Pathway Assessments are in full swing. Students are NOT graded on these assessments. They are required to take them, but there is no grade attached. These are difficult industry exams, that will give our students bragging rights if they pass, but no school or grade implications if they don’t.

Finally, I want to remind everyone about the Showcase. Details are included in another section of the Beacon, but last year, the Showcase was the BEST day of the year. It’s incredible to see the work our students have done throughout the year and to celebrate their learning journey. Please join us if you can!

Scott Kent

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