IA Celebrates Language Skills at the Fulton Forum Competition

In a vibrant display of language skills at the Fulton Forum Competition in Spanish, Chinese, and French, congratulations are in order for IA’s 26 participating students. The highest honor is Superior, then Excellent, and then Distinguished. A remarkable 19 students achieved the esteemed title of “superior”, showcasing their commitment to linguistic fluency. 7 students were awarded the title of “Excellent”, a testament to their outstanding command of their chosen language. 

A round of applause for all participants for elevating our school’s language spirit!


Brodie Campbell

Kaelyn Jin-Britt

Rohan Koosam


Mary Allison Aylsworth

Franco Borjas

Syon Goel

Sasha Greyenbuhl

Valeria Henz Baca

Fadzi Motsi 

Rebanto Nath

Mary Piper

Sam Vander Velde                                                                                                                                                              


Donna Bagheri

Tara Bagheri

Nicolas Borjas       

Madison Debellis

Shiv Garg            

Mariam Hussain

Sadhika Kosaraju

Sathvik Kosaraju

Harshita Nekkanti

Ishant Prasad

Ashitha Puvvada

Nyah Ralkar

Sree Swarna

Syed Pareeshay 

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