Good afternoon IA families, 

Well, the end of the year is rapidly approaching. After Showcase, I have to admit, I’m pretty tired, but it has been an incredible journey to this day. 

It was an amazing experience for our parents, teachers, partners, and most importantly, our students. There is something special about taking time out of the school year to celebrate learning. We had just short of 400 student projects that were presented, and I was impressed with the work that went into them. I was happy to see that we had students from all subject areas presenting their incredible work. 

Our students were articulate and eager to talk about not only the results of their projects, but also the struggles along the way. Our students understand that learning is a journey that, while not easy, is worth the effort. 

I was also impressed with the engagement from our teachers and staff. The mentoring, coaching, and encouragement students received from their teachers was inspiring. 

I’d like to also thank the parents who were able to take some time to join us. It meant a lot to our students to be able to present to the community. I can’t imagine a better school community event to wrap up the year. 

Thank you for your support and for the trust you have placed in us to educate your students. 

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