• Engineering Update – 4/15/2022
    Robotics state finals was a roller coaster of events. The road trip down was paired with lots of rain and we hoped that by the time we arrived in Macon the rain would cease. This was not the case. A tornado watch and a flood warning were in place by the time we unloaded the robot. Using trash bags to protect the robot, Arena and Pit Design departments unloaded our prize possessions. The next day, as we prepared to pass inspection, we discovered that we did not have the bumpers and warning light for the robot. These are vital pieces
  • Student Spotlight – Jyotil Agarwal
    Sophomore Jyotil Agarwal is extraordinarily passionate about the robotics pathway and has come to enjoy it immensely. His primary purpose is to learn new skills while working with a team, as it allows him to share his passion with those around him. He is proud of his work at the Robotics competition and thought it was a valuable learning experience. According to him, the best part was seeing his team’s robot come to life and seeing their hard work in action. He was especially glad as he was able to collaborate with and help other teams too, as this was
  • Engineering Pathway – 4/1/22
    Competition Updates! Robotics Each year at the beginning of January a new challenge is released all around the world. This year’s challenge requires the robot to score color specific 9.5” balls into a goal 8’8” tall. Bonus points are awarded for the ability to climb and hang from rungs with the highest being 7’7”. We quickly planned an infrastructure of 25 departments that would be needed on our journey to success. Our students picked a department to join and spent 2 months preparing for the big day. March 11th quickly arrived and we headed to our first competition. Dalton Event
  • Engineering update – 2/18/22
    Innovation Academy is proud of the opportunity we had to partner with Fulton County Transportation. Students and staff were eager to learn about US Department of Transportation testing procedure for FMVSS 217. This document is a detailed explanation of the shape, size, tolerances, and manner to administer the test. Students on the robotics team’s CAD department undertook this challenge and created the object. These students used a 3D CAD program know as Autodesk Fusion 360 to create the 3D model on the computer. After the creation of the ellipsoid it was time fire up the 3D printers. Can you guess
  • Engineering Update: 1/21/2022
    Engineering 1 (Gt Block) – Classes are diving into a brand-new project! These projects are centered around strengthening the skills learnt first semester with a new application. Let’s reinforce that foundation! Engineering 2 – Classes are advancing their skills in CAD and learning how to do assemblies and animations. Some Engineering 2 students have also applied their CAD skills into projects for other classes! AVFT – Special visual effects and sound creation are being emphasized as students learn to refine their use of technology. Robotics – Coach Huntley and Coach Reid are so proud of all the hard work! Today was a big
  • Pathway
    Engineering 1 ( GT Block) – Students are exploring different career paths and the corresponding levels of certification and education needed. Students are encouraged to collect multiple data points and make informed decisions. Students will use their own data to help them choose which pathway will be the best fit for lifelong success. Engineering 2 – Students are so grateful for the new devices! We were able to test software and can tell a noticeable improvement from the previous laptops. We are reviewing CAD software basics and introducing our next set of skills to our metaphorical toolbelts. AVFT – Greenscreens
  • Engineering Pathway Update: 12/03/2021
    GT Block (Engineering 1) – Students are designing their own automated greenhouse. Students are learning 3D CAD to model and print joints for each corner of the structure paired with coding an Arduino to regulate temperature, light, and irrigation. Engineering 2 –Students have implemented sketching, 3D printing, electrical circuits, gear ratios, structural design, math, pneumatics, and coding to solve a variety of problems. Students are actively living the design process as they learn from each iteration of their designs. Innovation Robotics – Jan 8th is when the 2022 competition is revealed! Students are in the process of learning about the