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  • Principal’s Message

    Most students finished their first year at IA today by exempting their final exams.  I’ve been signing yearbooks and receiving nice retirement wishes from your children and I could not ask for a better day.  The students at IA continue to blow the adults away with their kindness and sincere forms of gratitude.  In a complex world with many challenges, I’m confident that this group will be successful not only due to their academic preparation, but also their character.  Thanks for the letting me and the IA Family be a part of their journey.


  • From AP to Principal: Meet Mr. Kent
    Having known and recognized his passion since the 7th grade, Mr. Kent has always been passionate about teaching and the path it would take him on. Having started as an English Teacher, he substituted as a Department Chair and found yet another passion to lead. About five years into teaching English, Mr. Kent wanted an
  • IA student at Culture and Service in the Dominican Republic
    by Adriana Adkins This group of students thoroughly enjoyed the “Culture and Service in the Dominican Republic” tour. After a hiccup in our travel plans because, of mother nature  we end up with an extra stop in the country of Panama that allow us to see Panama city. Then we got to Dominican republic were
  • Virtual meet-&-greet Scott Kent – FCS Innovation Academy’s New Principal!
    IA PTSO is sponsoring a virtual “meet-and-greet” for our new principal, Scott Kent on Wednesday, May 18th from 7:00-8:00pm. You can join online at : https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_ZTQ1OWZkNzEtMjBiNy00OWZiLWIwMDAtZGFiMTUyODdmYmMy%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22a6bf86bd-ebd6-4e3a-a7f1-bb697128994f%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%221ca25d4e-42d9-41a4-90ca-a9276fb2e743%22%7d

Shout Outs!

  • Engineering Pathway – 4/1/22

    Competition Updates!


    Each year at the beginning of January a new challenge is released all around the world. This year’s challenge requires the robot to score color specific 9.5” balls into a goal 8’8” tall. Bonus points are awarded for the ability to climb and hang from rungs with the highest being 7’7”. We quickly planned an infrastructure of 25 departments that would be needed on our journey to success. Our students picked a department to join and spent 2 months preparing for the big day. March 11th quickly arrived and we headed to our first competition.

    Dalton Event

    At the Dalton Regional we were faced with many challenges, but the students were able to put their minds together to overcome them. At inspection we discovered our robot was overweight and that the perimeter of our robot was too long by one screw head. Our team reacted quickly and worked swiftly to meet the requirements.

    After diligent effort we ended up in the finals getting second place! The finalist trophy was not the only award Innovation Robotics brought home though. The “Rookie All-Star Award” is the second award that we received, recognizing the team’s major success as a young team.

    Our students left the Dalton Regional proud of their work, but also hungry for more. The departments of the team brainstormed ways to improve as we prepared for our next competition.

    Carrollton Event

    The qualification matches on Friday and Saturday at the Carrollton Regional were packed with action. One of the team goals for this competition was to improve the autonomous and climb portions of the match. Our students were able to successfully program our robot to shoot, score, retrieve another ball, and score all with autonomous code. The students also modified the intake on the robot so it more efficiently retrieved the balls giving us more time to gain extra points.

    After the ups and downs of the tournament we made it to the quarterfinals. This time our team brought home another award called the “Team Spirit Award”. This award celebrates the extraordinary enthusiasm, partnership, and teamwork of Innovation Robotics.

    State Finals

    Innovation Robotics is one of the top 10 teams in the entire state and we cannot wait to see what we can do at the state competition in Macon! Students created a fundraising video and the community responded. Thank you so much for the support!!! Students were able to buy replacement parts and iterate to advance and improve key components. Additional parents helped by donated raw materials, pulling the robot trailer, coordinating meals, and helping chaperone. This would not be possible without you! Also a big thanks to the IA Students from all pathways that were able to show support and sign the “IA 8866” signs. We feel your support. Thank you IA Family 😊

    Hovercraft Competition

    Every year Fulton county hosts an annual hovercraft competition for all middle and high school engineering students. This year the competition fell on the same day as a robotics competition and the students were torn on which to attend. Luckily Mrs. Dilworth was happy to step up and help students attend both the robotics and hovercraft event! At the event there were hovercrafts of all sorts and sizes. The students were tasked with straight line drag race, figure-8 head to head race, and best engineering design. The students won 1st place in all 3 categories and set a new record for the drag race!

  • Healthcare Pathway – 4/1/22

    Spotlight/Shoutout to two of our Healthcare Students

    Zainab Abdelsabour

    10 grade Healthcare student Zainab Abdelsabour was selected to attend the Harvard Summer Program where she will attend college level courses taught by Harvard Professors at Harvard University.  She went through a rigorous application process to be chosen for this prestigious program.  Congratulations Zainab.

    Sreenidhi Muppiri

    Sreenidhi Muppiri is one of three finalists for the United Way StemUP Youth Maker Competition.  She has been awarded a 1,000 grant to immediately implement her project.   She is currently building a website that will assist people in determining their risk of developing severe covid 19 infection.  Congratulations Sreenidhi.