Ms. Patel racks up recognition for her work with IA students

IT Teacher Binita Patel has been working with her students on understanding math through visualization and exploration. Her 10th and 11th grade students created an analog clock using GeoGebra and used their prior knowledge of complex numbers and vector transformation to explore this lesson.

Ms. Patel’s lesson was funded through a grant from the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics and her work with her students was published in the North American GeoGebra Journal. This project also won Ms. Patel and her graduate studies professor, Dr. Glassmeyer, the Bagwell College Faculty Research Expo Top Collaborative Presentation with Graduate or Undergraduate Students for their presentation: “Collaborating to integrate mathematics and computer science concepts for secondary students”.

The student work linked in the article is from junior Jason Lampert. Congratulations to Ms. Patel, Dr. Glassmeyer, and her students!

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