Happy Friday IA Families,

Another week down and more scaffolding is coming off the building, so I couldn’t be happier on this beautiful Friday.

Student Celebration

Today I heard about an accomplishments of one of our incredible students, Elsa Kusky. Elsa has been accepted for a summer intensive for the Paris Opera Ballet. If you aren’t familiar with the dance world, this is an incredible honor. The Paris Opera Ballet is one of the most prestigious ballets in the world. Congratulations Elsa!

After hearing about this fantastic news for Elsa, I’d love to celebrate more of our students that are doing great things outside our school walls. Please feel free to share these with me if you have something big to celebrate with your student. Just email me and Ms. Browning with the subject line, student celebration.


I am not always a fan of all the testing students take, but the reality is we are hitting the testing season, so I would encourage you to both talk to your students about the tests they have coming up and work with them to minimize the stress will inevitably feel during the testing season. Here is a great short video that discusses some ways to handle test anxiety.

Student Communication

As we approach the end of the year, teacher and faculty will be communicating with students a lot. We’re working to ensure parents have ample notice about big events, but it’s also important to remind your students to check their school emails and the main student Teams channel frequently.

Many times, students will miss big news because they have gone several weeks without checking these main communication channels.

New Students

We had a great evening welcoming our new students to IA this week. While the new students were a bit overwhelmed, they were very happy to see all the incredible clubs our students are running. One of the biggest questions for parents and students alike was about making friends when they get here. I know our students will be excellent about being welcoming, but I would encourage everyone to attend the Phoenix Fest, and I’d challenge each of our current students to meet at least one incoming freshman so that they know someone in the building next August.

Scott Kent

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