IA students connect with peers in Kazakhstan and talk about game design

Shout to Elizabeth Heying and her IA game design and IA eSports students: Joseph Asrat, Samanuy Bhupalam, George Billings, Meredith Clopper, Kai DeMeritt, John DeVoe, Kayden Fooshee, Leo Hao, Darren Mwangi, Siddhant Singh, Daivion Terry, Tanner West, and special shout out to Niki Kazachkov for being our official Russian translator!

On Monday, they shared 4 of their game designs with students from Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Kazakhstan (NIS). NIS students also share 4 of their game designs with our students. The purpose of the Teams call was for each group of students to give each other feedback on their product. The hour-long conversation completely led by students gave them the opportunity to talk about the collaboration process they used, the source of inspiration for their games, how culture plays a role in the design of their game, as well as discussing highly technical questions. Junior Daivion Terry said: “I was impressed by the games the kids at NIS made. They participated in a Game Jam and only had a few days to work with. Yet under that pressure, they came out with cool projects. Personally, my favorite was the Cat platformer and the light Novel about their country’s history.” His peer Joseph Asrat added: “I am glad that we were given such a great opportunity to speak to people from Kazakhstan: looking at other people’s perspectives is another example of what we do that other schools have never done. Due to this, I am even more grateful for being at Innovation Academy!

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