TSA Outreach does Design Thinking with TRMS

Under Ms. Patel’s leadership, the TSA Outreach club has done impressive work with 6th graders at Taylor Road Middle School. For the past two Fridays, IA students have spent the whole day at TRMS coaching students to design and solve challenges using Design Thinking. The results are impressive: from the Bug Mug that keeps your drink bug-free to a fresh design for vending machines, the students embraced DT as a tool to improve their and other people’s lives.

Thank you to these wonderful IA students: Kaylyn Fu, Sadhika Kosaraju, Lakshmi Vardhinedi, Emily Song, Annalisa Fletcher, Shukun Shah, Gabrielle Siegel, Hannah Lu, Neilanjan Matkar, Simran Ahuja, Khushi Mistry, Isabella Hsiung, Zoe Sorensen, Candace Braganza, Siddhant (Sid) Singh, Venkata Samanyu, Kieran Wittstruck, Sadhika Kosaraju, Arianna Huff.

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