2023-2024 IA PTSO Executive Board

At the April 26. 2023’s IA PTSO General Membership meeting, the 2023-2024 Executive Board was elected and will start July 1st, 2023. Senior President & Corporate Officer – Carissa Donges
Junior President – Andrea Russell
Vice President of Communications – Soumya Bhaaradwaj
Vice President of Community Relations – Rosalind Mitchell
Vice President of School Support – Ruchika Sethi
Vice President of Senior Support – Baileigh Allen
Vice President of Student Support – Isabella Filippone
Vice President of Ways & Means – Lara Black
Secretary & Corporate Officer – Cristela Miskovic
Treasurer & Corporate Officer – Lisa (Elizabeta) Greyenbuhl
Former President/Non Voting – Lorri Werner
Parlimentarian/Non Voting – Heather Sorensen

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