What is the IA PTSO Student Advisory Committee (SAC)?

It is a group of up to 35 PTSO student members chosen by application to IA PTSO  to serve as both advisors to the PTSO regarding student-life and our internal student volunteer organization. 

The SAC is only accepting new 9th-11th grade student applications. Click HERE to apply. 

The SAC helps define the interests of the student body by conducting surveys of students, student opinion on issues and events, previewing spirit wear, and representing the student body at FCS and/or IA events.

It is not an Innovation Academy “club” nor is it Student Council (Student Government).  It is a non-profit organization supporting the academic pursuits, student-life and faculty of IA.

The SAC participates in great PTSO programming including:

  • School Improvements
  • Hydroponic/Aquaponic Garden
  • Spirit Wear 
  • PTSO Sponsored Engineering Flex Friday – October Sky / Rocket Day
  • PTSO Sponsored IT Flex Friday – Raspberry Pi Hackathon
  • PTSO Sponsored Healthcare Sciences Flex Friday – Mass Casualty Simulation Event
  • International Night of Innovation
  • Phoenix Fest
  • Alpharetta Scarecrow Festival
  • 9-11 Memorial
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Senior Events

The IA PTSO SAC is supervised by PTSO Executive and Advisory Board parents and partners with Faculty members.

Apply HERE today! The application to join the Student Advisory Committee is open now and closes Sunday, August 20th.   

If you have any questions, please contact Lorri Werner at pastpresident@iaptso.org or Heather Sorensen at parlimentarian@iaptso.org.

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