Engineering 1 ( GT Block) – Students are exploring different career paths and the corresponding levels of certification and education needed. Students are encouraged to collect multiple data points and make informed decisions. Students will use their own data to help them choose which pathway will be the best fit for lifelong success.

Engineering 2 – Students are so grateful for the new devices! We were able to test software and can tell a noticeable improvement from the previous laptops. We are reviewing CAD software basics and introducing our next set of skills to our metaphorical toolbelts.

AVFT – Greenscreens are just around the corner! Students will be learning to apply visual and audio special effects to their cinematography skills. Lights, camera, action!

Robotics – The excitement is at an all-time high as we unite the nerds and build IA’s first competition robot. Jan 8th will be the official release of the 2022 rules and regulations. We plan on providing a link in the Robotics Teams page to attend virtually.

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