This academic year, 2023-24, IA proudly launches the pilot year of Base Camp. This program fosters student leaders who will mentor cohorts of current freshmen while shaping a curriculum for student success at IA.

Every Flex Friday (except for whole-school activity days like Raspberry Pi day and Rocket Day), Base Camp students will share their IA experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs.

At the nine week mark, Base Camp will on-board a cohort of freshmen as we reflect and reinforce the unique sets of skills required at each grade level of the IA journey. Base Camp will highlight these daily habits while providing freshmen support with an eye toward Pathway Declaration in December and Innovate in the spring.

We draw inspiration from the Stanford 2025 project which reimagines design principles in education toward care and sustainability. Students in Base Camp will forge peer-to-peer support, unpack Authentic Learning, and share ways of striking a school + life balance that informs and enriches both.

While Base Camp is ready to serve a number of IA students, our goal is to soon serve every student at IA.

Every Friday our students are busy finding ways to enhance and support the IA experience.

This year’s Base Camp Faculty includes:

  • John Bunning
  • Jeremy Collins
  • Ian Custar
  • Margaret Garth
  • Allison Scenna

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