• The order for AP exams will be placed on November 15th. This is a deadline set by College Board. March 15th is the second deadline set by College Board for spring semester-only AP courses.
  • All students currently taking an AP course should be registered for their exam. If you want to check the status of your child’s registration, please ask them to log into their College Board AP Classroom account. If an AP Course is listed in your child’s AP Classroom, this means an exam will be ordered for this course. If you don’t see your child’s AP course listed, please email Agnes Browning asap at browningaa@fultonschools.org
  • The table below explains the $40 cancellation and late registration fees.
  • Please note that if your child decides to drop an AP course at the end of fall semester, a $40 cancellation fee must be paid to cancel the exam. In order to avoid paying the cancellation fee, you must reach out to Agnes Browning by November 14th to cancel the exam.
  • Direct any questions related to AP exams to Agnes Browning

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