• Summer DE: FCS contracts and applications were due March 1st.
  • Fall DE: FCS contracts and applications are due March 31st.
  • Your IA Schedule: The DE placeholders OR DE course listed on your verification form(s) do NOT guarantee you are registered for the course. EACH STUDENT must register with the college for your course(s) and submit proof to your counselor by May 6th.
  • Georgia Tech: application available May 15th; you MUST submit SAT and/or ACT scores. FCS contract and GaFutures is still due by March 31st.
  • Georgia State: We will send your PSAT scores, YOU send your transcript VIA www.gafutures.org.
  • Gwinnett Tech: NO PSAT scores needed if you meet the GPA requirement of 2.6.
    • Gwinnett Tech will be at IA on April 18th to help students register for classes.
  • What do STUDENTS need to do?
  1. Complete, print, and turn into counseling the FCS DE Contract
  2. Complete college application for dual enrollment
  3. Complete funding application at www.gafutures.org
  4. Plan to send AP scores to college(s) if you are trying to exempt a class

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