Lucas Karampelas & Kirill McQuillin: JV Milton Soccer

Playing sports for another school can be a challenging task for some IA students since they must miss 8th period on practice and game days to ensure they show up on time. This is the case for freshmen Kirill McQuillin and Lucas Karampelas, players for the JV Milton soccer team. Both players have played the game for some years now and thoroughly enjoy playing the game for their team. With the season ending, their record ended up at an incredible 8 wins and 1 loss. Aside from soccer, Lucas said that he learned responsibility from playing the sport from the team clean-ups he has to do with his team and enjoys his interpersonal relationships with his team.

In the future, both players want to go onto the varsity team and Kirill plans on getting a scholarship for Georgia Tech through soccer to pursue his passion in both soccer and IT.

-Samanyu B.

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