Albert Zhang: Talented Artist & Musician

Congratulations to Albert Zhang for his remarkable achievements in both the artistic and musical domains! Albert’s exceptional talent has not only been acknowledged but celebrated in prestigious competitions, establishing him as a standout figure in the worlds of art and music.

In the recent Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, Albert’s outstanding creativity was on display as he secured both a Gold Key and a Silver Key for his exemplary pieces. “The Net Sail,” a captivating drawing, earned him the esteemed Gold Key, while his painting “Serene Brew” attained the prestigious Silver Key. These accolades serve as a testament to Albert’s exceptional skill and artistic vision, demonstrating his ability to evoke emotion and captivate audiences through his art.

However, Albert’s prowess extends beyond the realm of visual arts. In the highly competitive field of music, he has also showcased his talent as a gifted musician. Securing second place in the American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition 2024 in the intermediate category (ages 15 to 18) is an impressive accomplishment. Albert’s mastery of the piano and strings has earned him well-deserved recognition among peers and professionals alike.

What’s even more thrilling is Albert’s upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall at the end of May, marking a pinnacle in his musical journey. This prestigious opportunity to grace one of the world’s most renowned concert venues is a testament to Albert’s dedication, talent, and unwavering commitment to his craft. Congratulations Albert, we are cheering for you and can’t wait to hear about Carnegie Hall!

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