On Friday, March 22nd, our Health Science department put on the first annual Save-A-Life event at Innovation Academy, sponsored by Northside Hospital.  This was an immersive experience for our HS students who participated in running a simulated disaster drill.  This event provided students with an unparalleled opportunity to hone in on their life-saving skills in a realistic and dynamic setting. Students signed up to learn about specific roles that would be needed when a mass disaster occurs.  Those roles were Bandaging, Transport, CPR, Receiving Nurse, Receiving Resident, Receiving Attending, 911-Dispatcher and Patient. The students in each role attended specialized workshops, where they received hands-on training for their assigned role from teachers and Business Partners from Wellstar, Fulton County Emergency Services, and City of Alpharetta.  Students were organized into teams comprised of a student from each role as they came together to make a plan to save their patients.  Each team was then confronted with a simulated emergency, requiring them to triage, treat, and transport “victims” from the field to the IA hospital.  This high-pressure environment was an amazing learning experience for our students, not to mention, they had a blast!

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