Innovation Academy is proud of the opportunity we had to partner with Fulton County Transportation. Students and staff were eager to learn about US Department of Transportation testing procedure for FMVSS 217. This document is a detailed explanation of the shape, size, tolerances, and manner to administer the test. Students on the robotics team’s CAD department undertook this challenge and created the object. These students used a 3D CAD program know as Autodesk Fusion 360 to create the 3D model on the computer. After the creation of the ellipsoid it was time fire up the 3D printers. Can you guess how long this item took to print? 392 hours! The grand finale was testing the ellipsoid on a school bus emergency exit. And yes the bus tested was code compliant. 🙂 We were glad to gift this ellipsoid to Fulton County Transportation to use for testing the fleet on school busses. 

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