Tech Alpharetta Women’s Forum and IA

We are excited to announce that the TechAlpharetta Women’s Forum is piloting a women in tech mentoring program with Innovation Academy. The participating students will meet with their mentor once a month to help them learn more about what roles in tech fields look like in the real world while focusing on the importance of non-technical skills like public speaking and networking that will be helpful throughout their educational and professional endeavors. Students selected for the program are: Marina Chen, Aabha Muley, Kaavya Nallagonda, Rohini Roy and Neha Vatti. Our mentors are: Celia Fleischaker, CMO of Verint; Rachael Nagrowski, Executive Director of Sales and Enablement at Verizon Wireless; Sherry Askin, CEO and Founder of Omni Software Systems; Nazeera Dawood, CEO of Vendorship and Laura O’Tuel, Chief People Officer at Surgical Information Systems. We look forward to seeing the impact of this program!

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