College Planning Workshop for Chinese Families


北景高中(Northview High School)将于2022年9月22日,星期四上午9点, 于Northview高中学校图书馆(Media Center)举行大学规划讲座。 (内容包含家庭财务规划, FAFSA, 529 college saving, 奖学金, 助学金等) 。

Awesome Team为此次主讲单位, 演说者将以中文为主进行座谈.

我们诚心地邀请您参与这次难得的机会. 如您有兴趣参加可以来电或是电邮告之以便于统计人数。


也请你将车子停放至访客和员工停放区(Visitor or Staff Parking) 或路边停放。

请勿将车停放至有编号停车格(Numbered spots) 。


Fulton County Schools Parents,

Northview high school is hosting a College planning workshop on Thursday September 22, 2022, at 9:00am with Awesome Team. This workshop will include family financial planning, FAFSA,  529 college saving, scholarships, financial aid, etc. The speaker will be conducted mainly in Mandarin Chinese. We would like to invite you to join us with this great opportunity. Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for school visitor registration.

Please park your car at the visitors and staff parking area (Visitor or Staff Parking) or on-street parking.

Please do not park your car at the numbered parking (Numbered spots).

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