Zainab Abdelsabour, Hadeel Abosoud, Owen Carroll, and Samira Peek: Pinnacle Review

In the second of a series of spotlights on IA’s Junior Research and Pinnacle Project, we interviewed current seniors Zainab Abdelsabour, Hadeel Abosoud, Owen Carroll, and Samira Peek, who worked on the IA Pinnacle Review process as their Pinnacle Project last year. The purpose of their work was to give IA students an on-going, student-led opportunity to have published work in an official journal before they graduate high school.  

Before taking the class, their views on how research is conducted were based upon stereotypes portrayed in movies and books, but experiencing the process first-hand shaped their understanding of research. Zainab explained, “It opened my eyes to how research isn’t black and white; put some chemicals in a beaker and set it on fire. Instead, it consists of multiple phases of interviews, trial and error, thinking outside the box, and collaboration.” Along with the basic understanding of research, the process taught them leadership skills. “Having to set up a publication from scratch, with multiple restrictions back-to-back, forced us to think on our feet and deal with social conflicts that we may have never encountered otherwise,” said Owen Carroll. 

Although they have completed their requirements for their junior class, they have gone on to their project’s next steps this year in IA’s Work-Based Learning Zainab Abdelsabour, Hadeel Abosoud, Owen Carroll) and Peer Facilitation (Samira Peek) opportunities: recruiting staff, advertising, and contacting publication journals. With their growth in knowledge of research, perseverance, and teacher and administrator support, their end product seems much more attainable.  They look forward to not only a first publication this year but also leaving Pinnacle Review as a long-term sustainable opportunity for future IA students. 

Samira Peek and Nynee Padala 

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