Happy Friday IA families,

I hope our students will get some rest over the long weekend.

With the first month behind us, we are settling in nicely and the students are hitting their pace.

We had a great club day for our students. While we love that our students get some downtime to socialize with each other, I am also very impressed with the quality of clubs the students are running and the ambitious plans they have for community and school engagement.

We’re working very hard to stabilize the calendar, and we will be sending second semester’s Flex Friday schedule in next week’s Beacon. The sessions being offered are incredible and should only get better as the year goes along. Thank you to all the parents who have helped us develop our partnerships with community and business partners. These have been incredibly valuable. We’ve engaged over 35 contacts, and they have been extremely helpful in developing our Flex Fridays, supporting our student clubs, developing curriculum support in our research classes, and providing external internship opportunities. If you have any additional connections, please fill out our partnership form.

We will have our first PTSO-supported large scale Flex Friday (we’re working on a catchy title for these big events) on October 20. Our engineering students will be engaged in a day dedicated to exploring the wonders of space, science, and innovation.  Our students will choose from a list of prior space missions and design challenges to create alternate or new solutions to existing problems.  The students will sign up for one mission and use the day design thinking their way through creating solutions. I’ve attached a description below.

Healthcare and IT large scale Flex Fridays will be next semester.

These days are incredible, and they would not be possible without the PTSO. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to join the PTSO. It is definitely worth it for all they do for our students.

Thank you as always for your support.

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