Happy Friday IA families,

I hope this weekend, you and your students will have some time to decompress from all the hard work they are doing.

I want to make sure that all of our students are ready for the PSAT next Thursday, October 12. Please remind your students that this is an important test to take seriously, especially our juniors. We were fortunate to have 19 students be named National Merit semi-finalists, and that was with our small senior class, so I can’t wait to see how well our current juniors do this year.

Our new virtual lab accountability system is working very well. Our students are staying on track and learning the important skills of time management. We appreciate your support as we make sure that our students have the support they need when they are struggling. Please remind your students that at any other school, they would be in a supervised environment no matter what grade they had. We want to support our students as they learn to manage their time well.

This weekend looks like it will be beautiful, so make sure your kids get some time to rest and enjoy the pleasant weather. I am so glad we are through the heat of summer.

Thank you as always for your support.

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