Janice Kim: IA CTAE Health Science Student of the Year

Janice Kim is a dedicated and exceptional healthcare student and we are honored to recognize her as the Student of the Year in the Health Science Pathway. ​ 

Janice has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her academic and extracurricular pursuits. She is passionate about helping others and she has been instrumental in the organization and implementation of many projects in the various HOSA committees. ​ 

Throughout the time Janice has been a part of the healthcare pathway, she has been diligently involved with the behind the scenes work of planning HOSA events, creating a fun atmosphere for her peers, and most importantly, including underclassmen and mentoring students along the way.  ​ 

Her academic achievements and dedication to mastering medical concepts remains at the top of her class and she is a natural leader in the classroom as well. Janice is an exemplary student who also embodies the qualities that make a great healthcare provider in the field of medicine. Her dedication, compassion, leadership, and academic excellence make her an ideal candidate for Student of the Year.  We are very proud of her and the impact she makes on those around her at Innovation Academy.  ​  Congratulations, Janice!

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