As we approach the upcoming holidays, it is important to remind parents and families that candy, desserts, baked goods, or any other edible items are not to be sold or distributed at school or on the bus unless approved in advance by the school administration.  Per our Student Code of Conduct, students who do not adhere to this expectation are subject to disciplinary action for violation 7A: Failure to Follow Rules and all candy or food items will be confiscated.  Please discuss this expectation and possible consequences with your student(s) as this will be taken very seriously. This is due to recent National and State reports about students sharing edible items and synthetic medications that have been shared with other students that contain very harmful substances.

Please know that taking this measure will help us maintain a safe environment for all students.  You can help us protect your student(s) by requesting that they not eat anything given to them by another person, anything that they have not brought from your home or anything not in its original sealed package.

Thank you for your continued partnership in keeping all of our students safe at school!

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