Happy Friday everyone,

What a great week it has been at IA. We didn’t skip a beat after the Cosmic Odyssey as we jumped into our spirit week and prepped for homecoming. The students did great with the spirit war between grades and the decorated halls looked amazing.

Last night we had our first annual Skelebration, and I’m thinking it is likely to be an annual event. The community loved it, and we had a lot of future IAers get to see the school. My hats off to all the clubs and student groups who participated. It was fantastic.

While we get ready to finish the first semester, I want to take a minute to mention how important attendance is for our students. We did some digging with the data, and there is around a -0.34 correlation between the amount of absences students have and their grades. Obviously, there are certainly other factors, and correlation does not mean causation, but I think it’s an important factor to consider.

As we crunch the numbers, students who have missed over 30 PERIOD absences have an average grade at the nine week grade report of around an 80. In contrast, students who have had no absences have around a 90 average. We understand there are times when absences are unavoidable, and I completely understand when those circumstances take precedence, but it is important to note that they do have an impact.

Thank you for all the support.

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