Happy Weekend everyone,

We are right at our Thanksgiving break, and I know our students, staff, and parents are ready for it! The kids have been working hard and doing great things. I’ve had the opportunity to tour several business partners, our Fulton’s new Chief Academic Officer Brannon Gaskins, and others, and while they are impressed with our facility and teachers, they are most impressed with our students and their ability to articulate the work they are doing and why it is important. Thank you for all the work you do to ensure our students are active agents in their own education. If you haven’t had the chance recently, take a minute to ask them about the tests they are taking.

As we head into the end of the semester, it’s important for students to stay on top of their projects, not only their exam studies. A typical pattern for high performing students is to put off things that aren’t urgent even if they are important. This can mean a student will end up waiting until the last week to complete a project that has been assigned long ago and is intended to take consistent work over six weeks. Our students then get in the uncomfortable situation of trying to cram six weeks worth of work into one weekend, and that is not easy.

If these stack up, our students can get stuck. Creating an opportunity for them to share with you where they are struggling will give them a chance to share without worrying about being in trouble. If they are behind, or need more support, getting a handle on those needs before the Thanksgiving break, can help them catch up in time.

Enjoy your weekend.

Scott Kent
Principal Educator

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