The Save-A-Life event organized by the Health Science Department promises to be a groundbreaking and immersive experience for students, running a simulated disaster drill on IA grounds and transforming the “Hangar,” into Innovation Academy General Hospital. This event is designed to provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to hone their life-saving skills in a realistic and dynamic setting. Students will be organized into teams, each comprising approximately 25 members. These teams will be assigned diverse roles to simulate a real-life emergency response. Key responsibilities include bandaging and first aid, CPR and resuscitation, and patient transport. This structure not only encourages teamwork but also ensures that students gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of emergency medical care. In the afternoon, the real test begins with a mass disaster scenario unfolding on the bleachers. Each team will be confronted with a simulated emergency, requiring them to triage, treat, and transport “victims” from the field to the hospital. This scenario is carefully crafted to challenge the teams and push them to apply their newly acquired skills in a high-pressure environment. Please come join us to celebrate student learning around saving lives!

We are in need of volunteers who would be willing to help run workshops in the morning on March 22nd from 9:45am – 12 noon. Specifically, we are in need of people in the industry to run the workshops on Receiving Attending, Receiving Resident, and Receiving Nurse for our mock hospital team. If you are able to able to stay for the drill in the afternoon, we would love to have you. However, the workshops will be done by noon, so if you cannot commit the whole day, we completely understand!

Here is the sign up form!

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