Good afternoon IA families, 

I’m going to use this time to ask for parent volunteers for our school governance council. This group is made up of engaged parents, students, and IA faculty and staff. 

Too often the SGC is seen as a rubber stamp for approving our annual budget, but at IA the council is doing much more than that. The council helps us set our strategic goals through our budgeting process where we have active conversations about our priorities and how we can best meet our needs. 

The council has also been instrumental in helping us find and address some of our institutional gaps. 

I value the input of this group as they have been a good sounding board for ideas we have and have helped us find creative solutions to our problems. 

Finally, (and I really hope we don’t use the committee any time soon) the SGC helps pick a new principal when needed. 

If you are interested in being a part of the school governance council, we will have two positions open for parents for the coming year. You can declare your candidacy and find out more information at our school website. See article content for the details of this graphic.

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