Engineering Flex Friday With Mercedes-Benz and Altair

This past Friday, Mercedes-Benz brought one of their electric vehicles to IA to showcase to our students.  We have a group of 11 engineering students who are competing in an electric vehicle competition and they spent time examining the EV and asking questions regarding aerodynamics.  We want to thank Martin Hina with RBM of Alpharetta for his expertise and willingness to support our students! 

These same students then had the opportunity to work with Mr. Jaideep Bangal, Director of Simulation Drive Design and Manufacturing at Altair.  Mr. Bangal hosted a workshop presenting Altair’s optimization software, Altair Inspire.  For the electric vehicle competition, our students must design an EV that makes as many laps on a particular course as possible in 90 minutes.  Our students have used SolidWorks for their initial design and learned how to re-design in Inspire with the support of Mr. Bangal. 

We are grateful for our Business Partners, Mercedes Benz and Altair, for the real world applications and experiences they are providing the students at IA!  If you are interested in working with our students in any capacity, please fill out the interest form HERE.

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